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Our Soothing Scents

Island Breeze * Rose Hip  * Lavender Chamomile * Wild Blueberry

Island Breeze - infused with cucumber and melon, rich in vitamin A, B an C's that help increase the growth of hair, and skin regeneration. Great refreshing scent.

Rose Hip - Rose Hip seed oil is one of the richest plant sources of vitamin C and E, having amazing healing properties.  A lovely light rose scent that is also relaxing.

Lavender Chamomile - Relax your senses! with the numerous benefits of lavender oil and chamomile to help your skin and hair regenerate, repair and strengthen

Wild Blueberry - Found amongst many meadows and woodlands on the Island, filled with many antioxidants to help brighten dull skin and hair.


Amazing new line of products available from Martha's Vineyard


I have tried the body wash and body spray. The scents are wonderful. I have even used the body spray on my pillow before I sleep ❤️


The scents are all so lovely and resfreshing.  My favorite is the Rose Hip.  Great colors too.