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Our Scents

Island Breeze * Rose Hip  * Lavender Chamomile * Wild Blueberry

Island Breeze - Enjoy the Island breeze with a little cucumber and Melon.  Cucumbers help in soothing various skin irritations, and reduce swellings.  While Melon's are rich in vitamin A, B and C's, that help to increase the growth of the hair, and skin regeneration.

Rose Hip - Rose Hip seed oil is one of the richest plant sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin E;  anti-oxidants that have amazing healing properties.  

Lavender Chamomile - Relax your senses and enjoy Lavender oil's numerous benefits, it's all natural oil works for every skin and hair type.  Combining with Chamomile oil to help your skin and hair regenerate, repair and stregthen.

Wild Blueberry - Found amongst many meadows and woodlands on the Island, this anti-oxidant filled fruit helps brighten dull skin and hair and help it grow

About us

Designed and created by an Esthetician of Martha's Vineyard, to help you nourish your body and mind with the help of nature.

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